Telephone service users burdened with heavy phone bills do not have to keep on using their service; instead, they can switch to VoIP phone service and get a lot of benefits as a result. This service is much better than the telephone in many different ways and we will look at how it is better. Let’s see what is hosted IP telephony.

Cutting phone bill costs

Telephone users always struggle with the phone bills at the end of the month. Everywhere you look either the business phone users or the domestic ones, everyone is facing this dilemma. Before the arrival of the internet phone there wasn’t any other option but instead to keep on using the telephone. Now they can have a better option of using VoIP phone and save a lot of their money earlier wasted on heavy phone bills. Many customers concerned VoIP providers offer highly subsidized call rates, so no customer of VoIP feels being left alone. Select a good internet phone service that has low calling rates, and you would feel the difference yourself.

A portable phone system

One other limitation that has always been there for the telephone users in spite of all the tall claims made by the telephone service providers is that telephone can only be used at a fixed place. You cannot use it at any other place than the place you have got your connection at. Many people can’t even move a telephone connection at new locations when shifting home. Same kinds of problems are faced by the businesses. Now, with the internet phone service, you just need to have your VoIP phone and an internet connection to connect to, and you can easily use your phone anywhere you like to.

Better service features to utilize

The number of service features that are offered by the telephone services is also very limited. Users cannot get more out of their telephone services because these are not capable of offering anything special to them. Try adding some basic features to your telephone service and you will have an idea of the charges that they will ask for. On the other hand, VoIP providers offer services that are already packed with a lot of call features, which they do not charge for. Advanced features like call blocking, call log records, blacklisting, anonymous call rejection, call forwarding and many other similar ones are added within the call plans and even if you need to have any special features, you would have to pay just a fraction of the cost that you had to pay to a telephone service for having more features.

Improved quality of service

The difference in technology between telephone and VoIP has really impacted the way both of the services are offered to the customers. Internet phone is reliant on the internet offers highly reliable service to its customers without any glitches or problems. On the other hand, the telephone still lags in terms of reliability. Secondly, improved technology has also increased the voice quality of internet phone many times over.

Switch to internet phone, save cost, enjoy more calling freedom, have better service features, and on top of all that use it anywhere, you like to.