Where everything in the world is digitizing, so is your telephone. Today, who needs a POTS service when you can use a digital internet phonea better service than the traditional types! This new technology, changing the telecommunication means rapidly is called VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) or VOIP phone. VoIP is the talk of the town. Be it a technology talk show or a telecommunications magazine, the topic ishow VoIP benefits you’.
VoIP uses the internet to transmit your voice and data across and lets you enjoy making and receiving phone calls anywhere in the world.

How does VoIP work? Well, this is how it goes. When you speak, your voice data, which is in the form of analog voice signals is digitized. When it reaches its destination, it is converted back to analog voice signals. With the internet protocol at hand, VoIP supports the dual transmission of the real-time communication.

Check out the following significant facts for using VoIP:

Sign up with a VoIP Service Provider

To start using VoIP, sign up with a VoIP service provider, but not just any VoIP service provider. Purchase services of one who authentically offers the best service, in terms of quality and cost. Since Voip runs over Broadband internet, therefore, first check what type of internet connection you use. Bear in mind that you wont get the promised services of VoIP using a dialup service or a satellite internet since you will not have sufficient bandwidth to run your VoIP and give its the best service.

How Much Does Internet Phone Cost?

You know what VoIP is famous for? Its costeffectiveness! VoIP offers a calling experience, which is three times as low as what your traditional POTS service charges. VoIP phones save you hugely on your long distance and international calls.

How Is VoIP Reliable?

In VoIP, voice data is transmitted over the internet, so the voice quality you get will be excellent but only when you use a fastspeed internet connection to run the show. If your internet is giving a five-star service, you will get an excellent quality of service (QoS). This means, that when you get a VoIP service, make sure the internet you are using gives you high bandwidth and has excellent user reviews.

Internet PhoneHow Secure Is it?

This is a very important factor to look at. Now, as discussed earlier, VoIP data transmission takes place over the internet, and internet, itself is unsecure owing to hackers, lingering around their monitor screens waiting for a bait to scam and plunder money from or just another business attacking strategy from some rival. Since VoIP data encryption takes places over an unsecure medium, this means that your voice calls are prone to be heard by others and your informationbank account, address, personal numbersare susceptible to be hacked.

Nevertheless, VoIP service providers offer you a service 10 times better than your POTS service. When the majority has already begun moving to internet phone service, what are you waiting for?