Telecommunication is not as rigid in its operation as it was a few years back. Now things are quite flexible and user-friendly. Portability, adjustability and unified communication are the highlighted patterns in telecommunication these days. Telecommunication is no more limited to making and receiving voice calls rather now users can write text messages, share images and make live video calls to friends family and business contacts. All these were not offered by conventional mode of communication (landline), but everything is available with Voice over Internet Protocol (IP telephony vs VoIP) which is also known as the broadband phone or internet phone. VoIP due to its latest technology facilitates its users with all such services and features at a considerably reduced price.

Voice over Internet Protocol has transformed the telecommunication pattern. Now users experience even better call quality, superb QoS issues, clear voice, faster connectivity and availability of customer support round the clock 24/7. VoIP is trying to have the competitive advantage over other telecommunication suppliers by offering unique and beneficial features to its users and actually they are successful in doing so by providing lots of features inexpensively.
Internet telephone, as the name, suggests making use of Internet connection to route calls between parties. It must be assured that the internet connection used is a fast, efficient and reliable in its operation. Broadband internet with a good speed is a perfect one for this technology; it is for this reason that VoIP is also known as Broadband Phone. Internet telephony can operate over the Dialup connection, but the required quality will not be generated as it would not be able to work efficiently and users would experience call dropping, broken conversation and echoing of voice during conversation. So as to avoid all these displeasures it is highly recommended that VoIP is used with a good internet connection.

Now there is another pitfall in it, satellite internet connection is a fast internet connection but it does not compliment VoIP. If some company recommends VoIP with satellite internet then be sure that they have no knowledge about this service and they are just trying to make their sales and bounding you through contract.

Well, let us tell you the highlighted features of VoIP, which are inspiring million to switch to this service. Price is the most known and bold feature of VoIP. It is generally estimated that by switching to VoIP, users can cut their communication cost to about half of what they already pay to landline phone service providers. With VoIP users can materialize their dream of making free unlimited calls around the world. Am sure everyone must have desired for it a few years back when landline service providers charged heavily to its customers for using service, especially long distance calls. VoIP users can make free calls to the users of same VoIP service around the globe without paying anything. Not only this but VoIP offers all the value added features and additional services like call waiting, call blocking, call divert, call forwarding and caller ID. So with all these benefits, go and get a VoIP for yourself and enjoy communication in a new manner.