Digital phones, VoIP and broadband services – these are the hot topics these days no matter where you go. VoIP has been known to take almost than the entire market of traditional telephone lines. The competition is intense as on one hand, these home phone service providers are offering plans at very cheap rates, whereas on the other hand the cellular services now claim to provide better packages and coverage. Due to severe competition from cellular service providers, the home phone service providers even lowered their prices to attract the masses. However, do you know there are customers out there who are already tired of this new technology? Most people find monthly service charges a pain. The rental costs per month seem to be a hassle for many people out there. They would rather pay an amount together before buying something rather than paying bills/installments every month.

According to some customers, they think that they do not fully use the service to the extent that justifies the monthly bill that they pay. They are even willing now to give up the home phone service and rather spend on their cellular connection.

When the trend of VoIP initially started, many people gave up their traditional landlines to switch to home phones. They had a pool of brands/companies to choose from. Various companies had various plans and packages to offer their clients, so most of the people chose the plan that best suited their needs and requirements. Some people say that they switched from one service to another in search of the best option. The majority of the users are still satisfied with the cheap rates and savings, but the only part that turns them off from using VoIP services is the unreliable service and poor voice/sound quality. They say the call quality is way better on an iPhone than VoIP service.

As VoIP needs the connection from the internet, the unreliability factor is evident. You never know when your internet stops working and the call drops. Besides your internet speed has to be really good for you to have a long and uninterrupted talk.

There are a number of people out there who have not just abandoned their landlines, but also their VoIP connections in favor of the new stylish and durable cell phones. Despite all of the discussion above, there lies a little concern in the minds of all the users and that is, what will I do in times of emergency? What if my cell phone stops working at the time when I need it the most? What if the network fails?

This really is a matter of concern and there must be a telephone line for times of emergency and urgency. So where there are some drawbacks of VoIPand landline connections, there are some drawbacks of cellphones as well. After all everything has a good and evil side to it.

You can always get a home phone linked to your traditional landline system, as there are some arrangements for this as well and you really do not have to change your original number too.