Voice over Internet Protocol was introduced in the market approximately a decade ago when it was declared a complete failure due to a variety of reasons.The audio quality was simply unbearable and there was an immense delay in the conversation. With the constant research and development in the fields of Voice over Internet Protocol technology, there has been a remarkable improvement in the technology. VoIP broadband services are today one of the highly demanded services in the country. As compared to conventional telephone services, VoIP services offer greater benefits to its customers and that too at the far lower charge as compared to conventional telephone services.

The quality of the Voice over Internet Protocol services is highly correlated with the quality and speed of the internet connection. Internet connection is a detrimental factor in the performance of your VoIP broadband phone service. The higher the internet connection speed or bandwidth, the better the audio quality service the user will experience. The reason why internet connection speed is an important factor is because VoIP services operate via the internet connection hence the higher the speed of internet connection the higher and more efficient will be the data transfer rate. Therefore, as the service operates on a broadband connection, it is also referred to as broadband phones.

Technicalities of Voice over Internet Protocol Services

The gist of VoIP technology is that it converts analog voice signals to digital data packets, which are then transferred from one destination to another via the internet, which is then again converted to analog voice signals once they reach their destination. As there is immense data transfer and in order to conduct a real time conversation, the data transfer needs to be rapid, therefore, this is the reason why one needs a high bandwidth broadband connection. In order to experience a real time voice conversation, the data transfer rate needs to be rapid. Therefore, for this reason, the minimum required speed is at least a 256 kbps broadband connection. A lower transfer rate can also be used to run a VoIP service, however, this will surely affect the ability of the user to browse and make voice calls at the same time. Therefore, a 256kpbs connection will allow the user to make voice calls and browse the internet simultaneously.

Advantages of a Broadband Phone

There are numerous advantages of using a broadband phone service. The most important one is that it offers comparatively a similar quality of conversation. Furthermore, a VoIP user can reduce the monthly expenditure on phone services by more than 60% to 70%. And one of the best things about a VoIP service is that one can take it anywhere in the world and stay in touch with his/her loved ones without paying any additional roaming charges.

A couple of things that one needs to bear in mind while using or subscribing to a VoIP service are that the user should have a high bandwidth broadband connection, the VoIP service provider should offer e-911 emergency services as per the revised FCC rules and regulations and lastly one should have a backup battery or phone in case there is a power outage as VoIP modems and devices use electricity.