Voice over internet protocol or VoIP is all about three thingsConvenience, Costeffectiveness, and ready availability anywhere anytime!

Voip service is a lot better than its preceding contenderthe POTS or your ordinary phone. The POTS service offers many features at an extra cost added to your monthly bill plus hidden taxes high tariffs and all the headache. Your VoIP provider facilitates you with multiple useful features such as call waiting, caller ID, call blocking, anonymous call rejection, E911 dialing, and a virtual phone number facility without charging a penny extra. Just a flat rate and a fixed amount every month and that is all with a VoIP service.

So, what is Virtual phone number anyway? A virtual phone number, in fact, is a number which is associated with your already existing Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP account rather than with the phone line you are using. This means that these VoIP virtual numbers are separate from the primary VoIP number that you sign up for in the first place, with your VoIP service provider. You can easily add your VoIP virtual phone number to your existing phone line. This feature gives you the added advantage of keeping a single line, yet you can have more than one number fixed to it to make and receive calls. When signing up with a VoIP service provider, just inform them that you want to be assigned with special numbers specified for locations of your choice, apart from your current location where you will be using your VoIP service. This way, you can select a separate number of your choice belonging to some other city or any other international destination and stay connected with family, friends, and others quite conveniently.

For instance, when using a virtual phone number, your friend in New Orleans can call you locally, even if you are living in New York or Chicago or where ever. The call is easily sent forward to your phone and you can make or receivelocalcalls.

All you need is a VoIP service provider to be able to use this wonderful facility of phoning your people. So what are you waiting for? Choose the VoIP service, notify the provider for adding virtual phone numbersas many as you needask them for their affordable calling plans and cost features and….well, start dialing!

Virtual phone numbers are similar to answering your calls normally, whilst u can check your caller id and see you have dropped in a voice mail. Use your VoIP phone provided by a service provider to make calls and receive calls for almost free.
Other VoIP features you can include hold music, tollfree 800 numbers dialing and international virtual numbersall of this in one phone line.