Internet phone service providers provide many excellent features to their subscribers. Some of these features are very necessary and can have a lot of utility. One such feature is the ability of the VoIP internet phones to connect during the emergency situations. FCC (Federal Communications Commission) suggests that the VoIP phone service might not be able to work due to the following anticipated problems.

The Internet phone service might not get connected to an emergency call center such as PSAP or may get connected to a wrong line where there might be no trained 911 staff to respond.The VoIP phone service might get eventually connected to the PSAP but it may not be able to transmit E 911 information or indicate where the call was made.Power failure might be a major reason for VoIP service to fail.Internet service interruptions might also be a major reason for the Internet phone service break down.

To remove all these possible pitfalls in VoIP service, FCC has made certain things mandatory for the VoIP services providers.

The first requirement laid down by FCC is that all VoIP internet service providers providing their Internet phone services to the home users or the business users should make 911 service feature as necessary and the customers should not be asking for it as an additional feature.The VoIP phone service provider should record the location where you will use your VoIP internet phone and it should also devise ways to make sure that you can easily update your location whenever you want to, without any problem.Your Internet phone service provider must connect you to the local 911 emergency situation handling authorities.The VoIP internet service provider must inform you in advance about the situations when you might not be able to get connected to the 911 services through the VoIP service.Places where the emergency service providers are not able to call or see the locations, the Internet phone service provider should be able to reroute the call to the nearest PSAP.

Some tips to utilize the 911 services in emergency

Ensure that your VoIP service provider has the right address and keep that updated.Ask beforehand from your VoIP internet service provider if the VOIP service has any limitations connecting in the case of emergency situations.Keep your dear ones informed about the limitations of your internet phone service.Do have a power backup which you might need in case of a power outage.A traditional landline number backup not needing power or internet connection will prove valuable in emergency situations.You should be aware of the limitations of that phone service which you wish to use in place of Internet phone service as a backup.Always try to use VoIP services that have the 911 emergency feature included in their service packages like Broadvoice, and Vonage.