The best thing about latest coming technologies is that they accommodate everybody’s needs and meant for all. Use of technology has become an integral part of after of our day-to-day affairs.

Even older citizens of the society can feel comfortable with the latest technology and gadgets coming in the market. One of these technologies is VoIP, which fully functionally operates smoothly for everyone. The best thing about VoIP is that it is user-friendly and adjustable to everyone’s needs – even the less technical savvy person can use it. However, some older people still feel that VoIP is complicated and tend to walk away from it. For them, this article will surely remove all such feelings and make them use VoIP – whether residential VoIP and business VoIP, quite easily.

1. Now, when you are teaching your grandma or grandpa how to be able to make and receive calls using VoIP phone systems. you better be very patient and very understanding because they might not be very techno-savvy and all these latest technologies were not present in their times, so they might have to be taught like to teach a child how to ride a bicycle. Perhaps, the newest technology that might have been from their times was a radio, telephone or TV.

2. To start with, tell them what VoIP is and how beneficial residential VoIP and business VoIP is to cater to your communication needs. They might shy away because they do not want to feel dim-witted because they cannot pick up easily. Therefore, tell them all from the beginning and teach them how they can make calls using VoIP phone and how the voice is converted from analog into digital signals over high-speed internet to transmit the data rapidly and then converted back into analog which can then be heard at the receiving another end.

3. After knowing the functionality, they will develop a comfort level with understanding VoIP phone system. Now, you should explain to them how their particular VoIP phone service works, whether they have an extra phone set or wish to keep their current phone handset. Then, you should tell them how cost effective VoIP is, and that they will only have to pay once a month – a fixed flat rate for all their long distance and international calls.

4. Moving forth, explain them practically about how to download the software, connect the phone and start making calls. Physical demonstration helps. Make sure you break the procedure into steps, which they can easily understand.

5. Most importantly, do remember to give them the lesson on how to make E911 calls in case of an emergency. Mostly, the procedure in dialing calls to emergency help centers is the same, but in some, the procedure is different. So, make sure you guide them according to their phone needs.
VoIP isn’t at all that complicated to use. After you have taught them how to make calls, they would not need a reason to pick the phone and dial a number because of the low cost and easy-to-use functionality. Just dial away and forget about the cost. Although, one little complication about VoIP which older people might face is the part where you have to teach them how to connect the computer or the adapter, but once that is understood…then, considered yourself to have passed your test smoothly.

If you are a VoIP salesman or woman, then this article will sure be of great help because you can easily learn on tactics to teach the elderly of how to use their residential VoIP phone service.