Want to switch from conventional phone line to the latest business VoIP at your workplace? Then before you actually do so, just consider the following things:

1) – Internet Service

For routing the calls over the Internet rather than doing so on the current landline phone system, a high-speed broadband connection and an equipment to make the connection and chew up communication are required.

If the broadband Internet service or cable modem is being used for the Internet connectivity purpose at the workplace, you will have to get the knowledge about the bandwidth speed required to communicate on VoIP.

If the company’s workforce ranges around 1-2 workers, then DSL and cable would be great. In actual, DSL and cable modem appear not to be good for VoIP calling but if the workforce revolves around 2 or fewer employees then it’s fine.

But if the employees are more than two then your business VoIP needs enhancement as well meaning in Internet’s speed. So you will have to get more bandwidth – a more speedy Internet service.

With a standard and cable modem, you get a remarkable downloading speed but do not get the robust uploading speed. This seems to be working well if the usage is ordinary but if you like to have a voice communication, then it will disturb you utterly.

Thus it should be ensured that the Internet service should be fully supportive for both downloading and uploading to have a smooth VoIP experience.

2) – Bandwidth Speed

It is witnessed that almost 1/3rd of the office staff is found using the telephone simultaneously. Thus if the office exchange is having thirty lines, then there must be sufficient bandwidth for ten lines to come into use at one time. A T1 connection of Internet would be required to fulfill the requirement of this type of business.

The brilliant option to accomplish this task is to go for the VoIP provider who may fulfill both of your requirements – VoIP and Internet service. This way, you will be getting the required bandwidth to have the business VoIP working fine.

3)- Hub versus Switch

Apart from the bandwidth matter, the switch is used internally on the network instead of the hub. In order to transfer the data electronically, the hub works big time whereas, for the transmission of audio/voice on the network, switch’s use comes into shape.

4) – Media Gateway

Having a small PBX VoIP phone system, you can make a connection of the current telephone system to the Internet by just getting a tool named ‘Media Gateway’. For this, you do not need to replace any phone or equipment.

Prior to switching to VoIP from the PBX system, you need to consult with the ISP first. This will surely help you to convert to business VoIP.