Session Initiation Protocol is abbreviated as SIP and VoIP stand for Voice over Internet Protocol. Both of these terms are difficult to understand for a common man as these are technical and related terms. This article will help you understand this technology. VoIP Providers offer a wide range of benefits which you can make use of in your business.

VoIP Providers provide an advanced VoIP technology incorporated with SIP. There are literally thousands of SIP VoIP Providers today in the market. To select the ideal SIP VoIP Provider can be difficult, confusing and tricky. Most of the VoIP Service Providers try to convince the client with their cheap service rates. One should be fully aware of certain parameters while selecting a VoIP Provider.

The key parameters are:

  • Customer service. Does the VoIP Provider fulfill your demands as a customer? Does the VoIP Provider clarify your doubts?
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Price. To check your affordability. Are the bills predictable?
  • Features.

Extra service or benefit. For instance, a standard package offered by a VoIP Provider may or may not include a caller ID, which reflects the name and number of a particular person. It may be an important device for you. Some VoIP Providers do not provide it at all.
These are some of the basic important points that should be considered while selecting a VoIP


Another important point is to know if your company needs any additional features. Write them down. For the additional features, you will have to search for VoIP Providers who offer them. As all VoIP Providers may not offer all the additional features that your company needs. You might also have to pay extra for these additional featuresFirst, do a research if your company really needs those additional features or not.

The price of the package should be taken into consideration while selecting SIP VoIP plan. Also, the minutes included in the package should be noted. Some VoIP Providers have the plan of calling any number of a particular area or country totally free of cost.

Some VoIP Providers charge on per minute basis, some offer local unlimited calling rates. Simplest calling plans are always a better choice who offer unlimited local and domestic calls as the bills are predictable. Calling plans charging per minute might have attractive cheaper rates but their bills are extremely unpredictable. Another huge advantage is that all locations are treated equally, meaning that there are no long distance costs, which lower the bills astoundingly.

The number of SIP VoIP Providers is increasing rapidly around the world. This system has become popular very fast because it has made so many things easy. It is a technology that merges voice and image in a single line so that access to the internet and public phone networks is possible. It is a huge advancement in the telecommunication industry. It has many advantages over the traditional telephone. It is a lot faster and effective as it is based on the internet which is a fast and unhindered mode of communication. VoIP Providers use IP telephony procedure with EDGE and PSTN.