In this article, we will talk about what is hosted IP telephony, its benefits, and advantages as well as work principle.

VoIP Phone Service makes the best-suited system of internet supported telephone at present. The mechanism of VoIP Phone Service constitutes conversion of analog signals into digital ones and sending them via broadband internet connection. The user, in this mechanism, is directly linked to the service provider. VoIP Phone Service places several advantages over its user as compared to traditional services, with reduced cost and relatively lower expenses being the paramount benefit.

With the transfer of digital data being the working mechanism of VoIP Phone Service, the service provider is liable to offer several associated services including storage of incoming voicemails in the mailbox, the option of attachment in the emails and 3 way calling that allows the conference calls amongst different parties. The facility of incoming voice mail storage is very beneficial for short of time professionals, for they can store the incoming calls in their voice mails for future concern. Through VoIP Phone Service, voicemails can also be sent as an attachment that can be detected as per the subscriber’s convenience at any time and is accessible on computers. The term restriction does not fall anywhere in the domain of VoIP Phone Service where a subscriber can talk to multiple persons in one call and conference calling may enable the inclusion of up to calls simultaneously. The conference talks made easy and economical at the hands of VoIP Phone Service. Besides, images, videos and voice messages can also be shared amongst the conferencing partners.

One of the most tempting features of VoIP Phone Service constitutes its insensitivity towards the distance over which a call is made. The call made through VoIP Phone Service is totally irrespective of the distance involved and this feature renders it a highly suited service for long distance calls for the call charges remain the same and consistently low over any distance. Other than being highly economical, the simplicity and convenience are the properties that make maximum subscribers opt for VoIP Phone Service over conventional modes. VoIP Phone Service doesn’t require any huge or complicated infrastructure, to begin with, rather an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) is provided by the VoIP Phone Service provider at the time of subscription that converts the analog signals into digital signals through a converter. Then digital signals processors compress the digital signals through codecs and ultimately lead to the segmentation of voice signals. The voice signals are stored in the form of voice packets that are transferred voice communication protocol.

The next process comprises the decoding of the voice packets on the other end of the communication chain. In decoding, the sequence of events takes place in exactly reverse order where the voice de-capsulated and are decompressed by the codec resulting in the formation of digital signals. The digital signals thus formed are converted into analog signals for the listener to listen to the original voice generated. VoIP Phone Service thus works on a simple principle that ensures effective communication whilst maintaining sound quality.

VoIP phone offers a service that is economical, outstanding and irreplaceable! Traditional phones were a thing of the past, but today we have VoIP service and nothing can give you an absolute VoIP experience. Sign up today and avail the exciting new features being offered with no additional charges!