The number of residential VoIP users are on the rise. Not only do internet phone services attract business users, they have now also gained immense popularity amongst home-based users. Back in the days when VoIP services were first introduced in the market, the technology was greatly resented by the general masses due to uncertainties concerning voice quality and network security. However, thanks to the advent of broadband internet, all of these concerns were wiped out. As high-speed broadband is being largely used across the world in even common households, the innovative technology is known as VoIP has also gained much fame as it requires high-speed internet to function properly. Another major reason behind this sudden popularity of VoIP services is its affordable call rates as well as the availability of various features that are at times offered free of cost.

As is common knowledge, VoIP services make use of the internet to function. Traditional phone services work by transmitting analogs voice signals from on end of the call to the other. On the contrary, an internet phone service converts analog signals into digital data packets, which are transmitted over the internet and once these data packets reach the other end of the call, they are converted back into analog signals. This is how VoIP to VoIP calls are made. However, if you carry out a VoIP to a non-VoIP phone call then the digital data packets are first transmitted to the local area gateway, where they are transformed into their analog form and are then transmitted further on to the other end of the phone call.

In the case of VoIP to VoIP phone calls, a small box that is attached to the router or modem basically transforms digital signals into analog to make it possible for other people to hear what is being said. This innovative technology is definitely rather impressive. The best part is that residential VoIP services allow you to make long-distance phone calls at nearly a quarter of the call rates that are charged by traditional telephone services. These low costs enable you to stay in touch with your family members and friends that are based abroad on a regular basis, without ever having to worry about hefty bills.

The features that an internet phone service offers are basically meant to make things easier for you. For example, if you live in New York, whereas your friends and family members reside in Chicago, then obviously you would have to pay huge telephone bills as every single call made from New York to Chicago is considered long distance by traditional phone companies. However, residential VoIP services offer you a Chicago prefix number in New York, so that whenever you wish to speak with your family and friends, you would be charged a local call! Plus, you also get to make use of free of cost services like Voicemail, conference calling etc.

So, if you have a high-speed broadband internet connection at home, it is highly advisable for you to acquire a residential VoIP service to be able to make long distance phone calls at an extremely affordable rate!