Voice over Internet Protocol service, as the name suggests is an internet oriented phone service which allows users to make voice and video calls via the internet. This breakthrough in the telecom sector has helped millions if not billions of people to save hundreds and thousands of dollars on annual telephone bills. VoIP internet phone services though offer the same service but more efficiently, cheaply and in a more user-friendly manner; which means that they can be tailor made to suit an organizational need. Voice over Internet Protocol services was first introduced nearly a decade ago when it was labeled a complete failure due to the pathetic voice quality and unfortunately, people are still under the impression that it is still a useless service, but its not. The reason it failed previously was because broadband was not widely available in the market and hence in order for a clear audio transmission to take place, it was imperative that one had a high-speed internet connection.

Voices over Internet Protocol services to run efficiently require a fast and a high bandwidth broadband internet connection. Therefore in order to have a high bandwidth broadband connection, one needs to have a fiber optic line or high grade coaxial underground wiring to support the bandwidth. However in the case of a corporation where there are hundreds of numbers that have to be installed and gigabytes of data streaming to take place; it is imperative that they get a T-1 phone line installed. However it is important to bear in mind that T1 lines are very expensive, therefore one of the purposes of switching to VoIP services is to save money hence the cost of laying down T1 lines should be carefully scrutinized before a go-ahead is given.

When different proposals are being considered, it is imperative that you make sure that the telecom company you are interested in is a state licensed company and furthermore, make sure that it is a Registered Communications Distribution Designer with the BICSI. To get such certification, telecom companies have to go through a tedious process of checks and balances.
Companies with appropriate certification are preferred to ensure that these company personals have the sufficient expertise to maintain, repair and install state of the art services at your work premises. Make sure that the company has the expertise to cater your VoIP needs and VoIP service installations.

Some telecom companies have the affiliation with VoIP internet phone service companies which help you to get the service at a special discounted rate. If you are able to get the most efficient and best telecom company which has an affiliation with a reputed VoIP company then surely you will be able to save thousands of dollars in internal communication or between branches in different countries will also save on establishing communication outside the organization