Residential VoIP or home phone service has slowly become a household name that is replacing the telephone service. The future of the VoIP phone service is very bright because of the offerings it has for the customers. There are many ways in which this service is far superior to telephone. Let us have a glance at how this service is better and in what ways it can serve its customers better than telephone.

Features to offer

Telephone service is the very limited in terms of the features that it offers to its customers. Internet phone on contrary offers a wide range of service features to its subscribers. The immense level of competition between different VoIP providers has made customers available with large variety of features. Now customers can easily take advantage of the advanced features which can help them derive more value for the services they have.

Call plans for customers

Businesses or individuals both need call plans that are very flexible. With the fast changing environment of the business and home phone users’ needs, telephone services are insufficient in their offerings. However, internet phone providers offer excellent quality phone plans which are a lot richer in their service offerings. These plans are specifically made according to the demands of the different VoIP subscribers. Businesses are offered plans according to their size and budget, so no business enterprise is left behind. Residential phone users in a similar way are offered plans which are in particular useful for their own changing requirements. For example, if a domestic phone user wants a plan which is in particular needed to make national calls, he can choose a national call plan while an international caller can have a call plan which is more economical in terms of making calls abroad.

Globally accessible phone service

Telephone service providers have many serious limitations and one of them is their inability to provide service beyond their network. The VoIP provider’s service can be used in any part of the world without any geographical or network bounds. All you need to have is an excellent internet phone service and you won’t need to have any other costs to bear or equipment to have. Just connect your phone to the internet line and talk from any place.

Great money savings

Calling rates of internet phone are way too low when we compare them with the telephone services. Now, you can easily get more out of your service. Making calls to national as well as international destinations has never been that cost effective. You can subscribe for plans that have fixed monthly bills with unlimited calls, which would give you more calling freedom without the need to increase your monthly phone bill liability.

Future technology improvements

This is not all; the future developments in the home phone service are really promising. You would be able to use your internet phone just like your cell phone through the wireless internet connection. Research and development in VoIP technology would also ensure that you get more number of service features at a lot lesser cost.