Voice over Internet Protocol technology; introduced more than a decade ago, initially was a failure but has now taken the communication industry to the next level, setting new higher standards in the industry and giving the old players a tough competition. Voice over Internet Protocol phone services also known as internet phone services or sometimes also referred to as home phone services allows users to make voice and video calls using the internet connection. Voice over IP technology is basically responsible for drastically reducing communication costs and giving a tough competition to other players in the market. Due to its advantages internet home phone services are not only demanded by individuals but also by corporate users due to its ability to allows users to save hundreds and thousands of dollars on communication expenses. Therefore the demand for internet phone services has divided the market into; residential phone services and business phone services.

There are some areas or some users even who do not wish to switch to internet telephony services and wish to use conventional phone services because the existence of cellular service providers has diluted the market. However, for business users, VoIP technology has become a necessity, and not due to its cost saving feature but due to its mobility and enhance productivity as a result of using VoIP phone services. Whether its voice, video, image, presentation or any other type of data; all can be exchanged via a VoIP connection running on a secure broadband connection.

Residential internet home phone users tend to subscribe to a very basic service because all they require is to stay in touch with their loved ones or colleagues around the world. At most, they could simply travel across the world and use their VoIP number to stay in touch with their loved ones back home or to make 911 emergency calls. Therefore, as the usage of a residential user is limited, they tend to purchase to low end services which are cheaply available with basic services such as Caller ID or Voicemail.

On the other hand, as mentioned earlier, business users require a variety of services. The number of the calls made in a day is far higher than a home phone user. Business users require multiple dedicated lines due to the call load and the services they require. The addition of multiple VoIP lines is not expensive as compared to conventional telephone lines. With VoIP systems, the number of lines or the services required can easily be installed or provided in a facility at a minute or no cost what so ever. This is the reason why there are dedicated business internet phone providers in the market.

Due to the difference in requirements it is imperative that a business internet phone user and a residential internet home phone user should be catered to separately in order to maximize performance and to make the service more efficient, productive and last but not the least attractive to enough to convince a user or corporate to switch from conventional means of communication to VoIP communication.