This may be hard to believe, but humans are mindless. You heard about the herd instinct, right? Wait to throw tomatoes at me. It’s actually a pretty good instinct. Now explain.

During its existence, humanity has formed for themselves certain patterns of behavior and thinking, so we quickly solve common problems. Otherwise, we would have to think about literally every step, and this is the cost of time and effort. That’s why we so easily fall into the trap set by cunning sellers, marketers and even ordinary interlocutors-manipulators.

Of course, each of us is able to figure out the trick, it is necessary only to consciously analyze the situation. The problem is that we rarely do it. How easy it is to manipulate people in normal, everyday life, a topic for another post. In the meantime, let’s talk about how to use the psychology of SMS advertising.

Use in your SMS so-called contrast in numbers

According to the principle of contrast, the greater the difference between the two numbers, the more we tend to exaggerate this difference. For example, if we say: this thing cost 1000 USD, and now 970 USD. This difference will seem too small for us. Now, 1000 and 730 are better; 100 and 650 are even better.

How to use it in a TEXT message?

This November we have SUPER SALES! Haircut + painting + stylish makeup = $ 120. Only haircut – $ 299. Call us now: 255-55-55.

Please note, that our SMS has two prices. Most people will only choose a haircut because the amount of 299 compared to 1200 seems ridiculous. On this and intended! The task is to offer one service at an expensive price, and the second at a much lower price.

The trick is that usually, a haircut costs 350 USD or less. That is, in fact, you make the usual discount of 15%, just formulate it differently.

In the end, conduct an experiment: one group of subscribers send a message with a 15% discount on the haircut. The other-the above option.

Formal justification in SMS text

Another feature – the magic words “because”. People need justification, no matter what. We have such a pattern. Time sounds “because”, then followed by rationale, and then you can act.

Of course, the more serious the purchase, the more likely that a person will think about it. That is, to make a more informed decision. And yet, try to hold such A/B test. Send a regular message to one group of users, which you always send. For example:

25-30 November SPA treatments for body and soul with 20% discount! You deserve a Royal vacation!


25-30 November SPA treatments for body and soul with a 20% discount, because you deserve a Royal holiday!

Stick to some Sequence in sending your SMS campaigns

Another lever of influence that can be applied in SMS-mailing is a sequence. People tend to be consistent in their actions, words, decisions. Because in the eyes of society it looks right, and we need the approval of the public.

On the websites of some online stores, there is a function “Notify about the availability of goods”. The user leaves his phone, which later receives SMS about the following content:

Dave, you left a request for the purchase of Sweater art. 2545. The goods are already in stock. To order:

This is an exaggerated example of how the sequence principle works. The buyer left the application, expressed a desire to buy, and therefore, it is logical and” right ” — to buy this product.

Most often, one message is impossible to do. Usually, it is necessary to build a certain chain. For example, first conduct an SMS survey, from which you will learn what product categories are interested in the user. In the next message, you offer the client a favorable offer, with regards to those products to which the subscriber has expressed interest. One of such services has a feature of scheduling SMS campaigns for future, so, there will be a chain of well-planned SMS text in you SMS campaign.

Interchange and a feeling of gratitude in your SMS text

And the simplest principle is a mutual exchange. Simply put, give your client some service or make a small gift. Believe me, this is an extremely effective method that works for the future. It is important that people do not feel the catch. No “give you 100 USD when buying for 1000 USD”.

Such a client will feel gratitude, and therefore will be full of desire to repay the same.

Sign up for at one of such platform by searching the web a keyword “send bulk SMS” and start using SMS marketing in your business!