VoIP has its own strapping standing in the world by making everyone become aware of its worth and usage. It is a phone that works like a regular phone on which the calls are made and received. Today it is recommended by the high officials and organizations due to its economical rates and surprisingly beneficial features such as voicemail, caller identification, and call forwarding, etc.

There is no need to mention it that for the business houses, which make regular calls abroad due to their clientage spread in other parts of the world, VoIP service appears to be super beneficial by saving the whopping amount of money for them. It is a cost-effective solution when you make the transition from the landline to the VoIP service. The use of the VoIP phone to is quite easy that even the layman can use it comfortably. To use it, a broadband connection is required that you will have to purchase before you sign up for the VoIP service.

But it is also a fact that a user, who is educated and informed, may get outstanding benefits from this technology that it offers to the users at very lesser rates. The prime attraction of the Internet phone is to send the fax and a number of organizations use this feature a lot.

Faxing using the VoIP service can happen after making some settings on the fax machine. To make the settings, you have to lower the fraud rate to 9600 and disable the error mode. The user has to know what codecs are available with the VoIP provider, the G711 codec is needed to make fax working.

VoIP phone carries some problems. Below we mention them and their solutions:

If the VoIP provider appears to be unable for registering the IAD then you will not be able to receive the incoming calls. So if your VoIP phone has the voicemail features enabled then the call can be forwarded to voicemail. This facility can be taken from the VoIP provider by asking them for having so on your VoIP phone.

You may bump into the trouble of making calls even having a high-speed DSL connection because of the non-presence of dial tone. If you have a Linksys router or IAD, do see the light on the phone number 1. If you do not find any light then you should go for rebooting the IAD. If you find the light on number 1 turned on, connect the phone directly to the IAD sans any device or splitter.

Often the user stumbles upon the vague and full of distortion calls. This takes place because of the insufficient bandwidth and due to Internet’s overloading. Ask your ISP to have more bandwidth.  Often you find the more compressed codec and by changing them a user may solve the problem.

An echo sound often irritates the ears. In this case, lower the volume to eliminate the problem.

Buzzing or sluggish noise disturbs a lot. Do check to see if the wireless phones are changed and there is no weak battery in the phone set.