VoIP offers the best telephony service to have ever been offereda convenient, economical and multifeatured facility to help you manage your residential and business communication needs effortlessly. VoIP technology, not only helps you save 90% on your monthly phone bill, but also provides multitude beneficial services which, otherwise, no other phone company offers.

One of these features popularly includes avirtual phone number”. When signing up with a VoIP service, simply notify your VoIP service provider to assign special numbers for specified locations, other than your current location where you will be using your VoIP service. You can choose a number belonging to some other city or any other location within your country or even some other country. These numbers are technically different from the primary VoIP number that you sign up with your VoIP service provider. You can easily add your VoIP virtual phone number to your existing phone line. This way, you can have a single phone line, although with more than one number attached to it to make and receive calls.

Virtual Number greatly diminishes long distance charges to friends and family who want to call you. For instance, you live in New York, but you want to contact your family in Sydney or friends in some other city, lets say Chicago or Boston. Calling them would definitely cost you a lot if you choose to make calls from PSTN or even your mobile. Then, the best way to save yourself from heavy cost shackles, get a VoIP virtual number for your home VoIP phone in Sydney or any other place where you usually make calls to. This way, whenever your family calls you or you call them, it would cost them the same as calling a local number.

With a Virtual number, you can call on any number, whether its a Voice over IP service, a PSTN, Internet Phone or mobile phone. VoIP phone service also provides toll-free numbersusually at less than two cents per minutegiving you yet another way to make it easy for friends and family to stay in touch.

With a free virtual number, you are offered mail forwarding services, which gives your business a local look. To be more precise, if you are using a virtual number, your client in Los Angeles will always get a local Los Angeles number on his CLIAlso, VoIP phone service providers give access to toll-free numbers at a minimal cost.

Internet Phone service providers are providing the best VoIP service with very exciting features, including a free virtual number that you need for your residential or business needs. They are satisfying their customers with a matchless quality service around the globe.

Who said, making international calls was a suffering. Try using free virtual number service and feel light!