With the advent of 21 century and this new technologydriven world, landlines have gradually become obsolete. Have you thought of finding a solution to replace all the possibilities that cost you a lot of money? Consider, for example, a traditional home phone service. Some people have kept them in their houses because it was more than a service that has remained in use for centuries.

But it is more than just piece of history, there are numerous reason behind its revolution.
The new era is about cell phones. Its not that easy to validate keeping the traditional home phone service. With cell phones around, today, you can easily be reached at any place, any time. As for the youth, they prefer to have their privacy, which they fear isnt secure using the landline service. With the passage of time their cell numbers evolve into their personal contact routine jobs, interactions, communication is carried by cell phones and landlines play a little role in their lives.
What about family security and safety? What happens if, god forbids, there is some serious crisis situation and you urgently need to contact 911, or, maybe if your kid needs to? Home phone service is a dependable and safe mode of urgent communications. Home phone service carries with it family values and norms contacting your relatives and family on cell phones doesnt have that appeal to it. Here, it is more expedient to dial through the landline, as a substitute than trying to reach everyone on their cell phones.

Reliability and a constant source of communication is what a home phone service is known for in circumstances like power failures from thunderstorms or hurricanes. If you are not fortunate to save yourself from the wrath of the hurricane, your traditional home phone service will still work, since it doesnt need electricity to function. In case theres a prolonged power shutdown, there is no way you will be able to recharge your cell phone? If you have a chatty nature and spend more time on your phone, then you ought to be thoughtful and use your landline home phone service for that matter.

Furthermore, traditional home phone service offers multiple modes of communication it promotes the usage of the fax machine. Even though there are plenty of methods to send the fax using the Internet with a scanner, however, there are others who have a home office to work from but still might require the traditional fax.

Are costs are what you need to trim down? Have you tried deactivating needless services from the landline home phone? Are you paying extra charges for services like call waiting and caller ID? Instead of getting rid of your home phone service.

However, VoIP home phone service offers an unbeatable, cost-effective and flexible communication solution. Paying for the phone bills and extra services isnt a very thoughtful idea when you can save considerably on your calls with a VoIP phone service.
Even if you want to keep your traditional home phone service, you better still have a VoIP home phone service running at your home. Use the traditional phone in terms of power outage or for dialing 911 emergencies, when your VoIP isnt able to connect you across.
To sum up, VoIP phone service still beats PSTN service.