Globally, with advancement and more awareness amongst people, it has been statistically proven that the VoIP Phone Services are gaining momentum with each passing day and people are now switching themselves from the traditional telephone and calling system towards the latest technology of VoIP.

The researchers show that a few years back, this technology started to get popular and more acceptable amongst people for the first time in America and by the end of the year 2008, the number of people using VoIP Phone Service for international calls increased by many folds. To narrow it down further, in Europe, France is the leading country with almost 42% of its inhabitants using this service. While Spain ranks the second in the row and the number of people who are opting for this service in Europe is increasing overall day by day.

The latest technology of VoIP Phone Service has surpassed the traditional phone service in many ways and the most prominent factor where it has taken the leap is the price factor. Even prior to the entrance of this amazing technology, the traditional phone services for international dialing were losing its value due to the high prices that the users had to pay for making calls. Moreover, the cellular services came into being at that time also and gave a jolt to the traditional phone service providers and also, the calling cards with nominal price rates let down the market of the traditional phone services. This new technology now only offers attractive features in its packages but most importantly, it has reduced the prices of international calling by many folds. Now people can make calls just by using a few cents for many minutes rather than throwing a large dollar amount for a few minutes of international calls and that too with a very poor voice quality.

Furthermore, it makes its users get connected with anyone around the globe in just seconds and it does not matter at all if the receivers are using a cell phone or a traditional telephone service for their calls. It comes with amazing security features also and gives an amazing sense of security to its users, which makes the whole experience of calling even more pleasurable.

A global future concern between the various government regarding VoIP Phone Services is that the terrorists can make a good use of it and intercept valuable information through it. U.S.A. has been the most concerned country about it and it has devised and come up with a security plan for it in order to make it a terrorist-free zone also. Special wiretapping rules have been set up all over U.S.A. for these phone services. Europe has shown a serious concern towards this issue also and is currently working to resolve it soon and come up with an effective security plan soon.

With the passage of time, the awareness in people about VoIP Phone Service is increasing and therefore, its demand is rising too. Better and more attractive features are continuously being launched by various service providers in order to attract more clients and most importantly, as the competition is increasing the prices are expected to get even lesser in future for the packages of VoIP Phone Service.