This is for all those out there who dont know what VoIP providers are all about. With the advent of 20th-century, internet communication emerged as an alternative medium of communication. Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) or commonly known as simply internet phones; is a cheap replacement for the entire conventional medium of communication.

Let’s take Axvoice, it stands as the pioneer in the VOIP industry. Axvoice provides this facility in all fields of life either commercial or residential. In short span of time this true American company has established itself as the flag bearer of this technology and has over million customers across the globe.

Being a true customer oriented company we different from others on the basis of not just quality and service but also our ideology. We have deep customer oriented mentality and strive for providing this to our users. We differ from all other companies on the basis of the wide range of packages and ease of using. With us, you dont need to have a computer or a hand free or anything only you require is a high-speed internet and a touch phone to avail our unparallel service.

We know the importance of the customer, to have you fully satisfied we let you try out service for initial 30 days for free. So that you could test the quality of service provided and the numerous features we offer. Once you are on board we put you in charge, you can choose any package as you wish from numerous that we offer.

To all the new entrepreneurs this package has what you need to take off your dreams. Along with the cheapest ratesSmall business planalso gives 1500 free onnet minutes. Call on any number in mere cents. Carry the same number anywhere, anytime and stay connected to your customers.
Pay as you is for all those who have no set talking habit. You pay when you feel like talking, no surcharges, and no hidden costs. Get hooked up for a nominal fee of $4.99 per month, and call rates of just a few cents. Only pay bills for the times you talk.

“Outgoing onlyis worlds first free calling package. It is for all those who have anomalous talking habits. A $0 package which charges bill when you make a call; enjoy the same quality of service and same features. With this new home phone service, the user is in control of his bill, not the service provider.

Residential International Plan and residential international plus enjoy unmatched rates not just local but also international. Talk with freedom in over 53 nations worldwide.

Axvoice is not just about saving money; with us, you experience a complete telephony experience. Our service is packed with features others only talk about. Call filter, call block, number portability, voice mail and a customer care that is dedicated to catering your needs. Only we give you the liberty to choose the number you desires from more than 2000 area codes across the US.
Enjoy an unmatched telephony experience and a service that is dedicated to you.