While being with ads, going through publications and driving on the roads, you will bump into the ads of residential VoIP or business VoIP. All the companies, which are offering the broadband phones, claim to offer lower rates than the conventional phones. These companies chip in about the qualitative calling experience as well.

The Internet phone is undoubtedly the revolution in the telecom fraternity. The functioning lets the users communicate with others in other parts of the world through the digital connection. The working happens in the manner an e-mail does or a website opens. Since the audio converts into digital waves, it is sent to anywhere in the world at the same charge.

The plans emerge in two options – bulk charges and limitless calls. The first one lets the user go with the allocated per month minutes for calling to anyone you like to speak to.  After you have surpassed the allocated minutes, you will have to pay the additional rates. The latter option is limitless calling. As the names suggest, one is laced with the freedom of unlimited calls. The prices vary for this plan due to the services and features, which come up with a package.

As it is the case with the mobile phone technology that one can have the existing number, the residential VoIP or any kind of VoIP phone lets you go with the existing phone number using a number portability feature. This helps you big time since there is no need to inform anyone that your number is changed.

If the broadband phone company depends on the cable connection and the connection goes off, obviously your residential VoIP or business VoIP will stop functioning. In the same scenario, if the power goes off, the VoIP will cease to work until the power back up is there.

Consider well on all points before making a final decision about a VoIP company.