Many of us might not have switched over to a VoIP home phone service. So, this question might definitely pop up in their minds because they are interested in knowing if it really is going to help them save money, as the home phone service otherwise claims to? Well, well answer all these important questions.

VoIP home phone service offers a flexible, featureenabled facility that decreases your communication needs, with no concession on the quality of service and the features. In actual fact, VoIP home phone service has methods far from the abilities of traditional phone systems including virtual numbers, voicemail, call forwarding, fax facility, etc.

Despite the pace of development in VoIP industry, the majority of businesses reserve uncertainties about adopting a VoIP for their business services. Their apprehension is valid since they need to carefully get all the answers. They need to be sure that the voice quality offered is excellent, the network is encrypted, how dependent is the internet connection on the VoIP service, cost and calling plans etc.

Now, the basic purpose to sign up with a VoIP home phone service is undeniably going to add worth to any business and help save oodles of money, which otherwise is spent on telecommunication costs.

VoIP helps you save on your communication costs

Compare traditional phone systems with a VoIP home phone service and check out the management and maintenance, particularly in terms of infrastructure. Youll notice that VoIP home phone service costs much less than traditional phone service, without showing any conciliation in the quality of service.

VoIP home phone service offers mobility and userfriendliness:

The best thing about a VoIP home phone service is that wherever you might be, you can carry your VoIP phone with you can enjoy making and receiving affordable phone calls. All youll need is a broadband internet connection. You can even set up your virtual office anywhere. Just plug in your phone with an internet connection via an ATA and whether you are in a hotel room, staying at a friend place or sitting in a café at the airport lounge.

Easy configuration:

VoIP home phone service can easily be configured by anyone. You can also set it up to sent voicemails and fax messages to your email account. This way, whenever you access your email account to read emails, you can also listen to your voice emails.

Virtual number:

VoIP home phone service gives you a virtual phone number of area code for any city or a country even. This way you can choose a number of any city of your choice. This will facilitate you with a convenience that you can contact your friends, families at a local phone cost and above all so can they. Similarly, your clients can reach you at a local cost without being charged a lot.


Various researches have been conducted on the benefits of VoIP services and it has proven that VoIP home phone services greatly improve business efficiency by approximately 4 hrs per employee every week. It cuts downs on the cost of calls made by each employee by assigning them with a separate extension, an individual ringtone, and voicemail facility.