What does one need from a calling service, what kind of phone can be a complete phone?? Everyone desires a complete calling package at its disposal. Everyone likes a phone that is cheap, effective, efficient, consistent and has something extra that gives it an edge. Well, one doesn’t always get what he wants especially when it comes to calling services. Before the advent of the 21st century, we only had one mode of communication and that to the landline telephones. With the passage of time, something new was needed that could answer the growing user demands and needs.

With the dawn of the new century, came a new mode of communication-based on the internet. Internet phone services even though new have made a huge impact on the society. It has complied with all the demands of the users and succeeded in giving a complete service. Following are the qualities of IP telephony vs VoIP that separates it from the previous mediums and gave it an edge over the rest.

Cost effectiveness is something that eluded traditional mediums. Previous landlines charged extra because of the cost of implementation and hardware. Many other factors such as maintenance came into effect when it came to the upkeep of it. Internet phone service utilizes the ever expanding and developing internet network. They simply utilize the services of broadband internet for communication. This technology has enabled it to come up with cost effective and cheap calling phones. Unlike traditional phones VoIP phones charge a few cents per call, most of the packages give free minutes and other extra features that allow people to talk as much as they want. Added features allow users to get more from the internet phones than they had previously gained from any sort of communication. Every calling plan has numerous attributes that set it apart from the telephones and these services are free of charge in most cases added to the cost effectiveness. A wide range of calling plans for the first time allow users to choose a calling plan that is according to their needs and requirements.

Stability, compatibility, and effectiveness all have become trademark attributes of Internet phone service and are the reasons why they are forced to reckon with.