mobile apps for calls

Everyone can face the challenge of the calls to foreign numbers, that’s why it is important to be guided in how to do it correctly. Practice shows that mobile telephony is profitable and useful only until such time as will not need to call abroad. Here one can find not entirely transparent conditions and complex tariff calculation process, and “additional hidden fees” written somewhere at the bottom of a very, very small print. Moreover, such calls cannot be called cheap.

What do mobile operators offer?

Nothing good. Large operators are differently billing the international calls, depending on the tariff plan. But, despite the presence of more than a dozen options, the truly profitable among them almost none. There may be offered special packages for long-distance calls, even though they are connected, provided an additional monthly payment, as well as affect the cost of the other services of the operator.

However, there are pleasant offers though not permanent. During summer and winter “holiday season” there often profitable promotional offers for roaming to foreign countries. But even if you saw an attractive advertisement of such an offer, be sure to visit the official website of the operator and read all the terms carefully. The devil may lie in the details.

Mobile applications for calls abroad

The availability of a mobile phone based on Android, iOS, or Windows Phone opens up additional possibilities, among them real savings on the international calls to other countries.

There are many applications that use low-cost, but high-quality VoIP technology for making international calls virtually anywhere in the world. Moreover, the subscriber with whom you communicate, is not necessarily should have the same program or an application installed. On the other hand, its presence makes the connection even cheaper.


You must have heard about this program because it has long been a leader in the VoIP-telephony market. With Skype you can make calls in more than 170 countries and regions, taking advantages of convenient tariff system. You can easily estimate the cost without any tricks and hidden fees. There are tariffs as a pay per minute and with the purchase of a “package minutes” to a particular country. Calls “with Skype to Skype” via the Internet free of charge, including a video.

  • Pros: popularity, flexible grid tariffs, frequent promotions, beautiful appearance.
  • Cons: significantly “ship” system, there is no access to the phone book. Largely depends on your internet connection, sometimes poor quality voice connection.


One more very popular application, which is also used as an ordinary messenger. Connection anywhere in the world using this software can be absolutely free if both parties have installed the app, and if you use the Wi-Fi internet access, but not mobile 3G, 4G / LTE (in fact for them will have to pay at the rate of the operators). Service «Viber Out» allows you to call standard telephone numbers. The cost of one minute of conversation depends on the country of destination, and the exact prices are available on the official website.

  • Pros: integration with the phone book, speed, free calls within Viber.
  • Cons: not the lowest price.


For this service, there is almost no difference what kind of device you are using.

The service combines the advantages of both applications (web, mobile, and desktop) to the phone and IP-telephony software. For it can be used by almost any phone, for international calls to mobile and including a home fixed numbers. For smartphones, there is an application, but to use it is not necessary, it is possible to call in the web browser. The voice quality doesn’t depend on the internet connection quality. And our rates are among the lowest.

  • Pros: calls from multiple devices; good voice quality independently of the internet.
  • Cons: a small level of popularity.


It has a huge audience due to a large number of additional features, among which, of course, have the opportunity to make an international call. The calls (including video) is also completely free of charge within the application. In other cases, users get more than pleasant rates. For example, a minute of conversation with a subscriber in the United States will cost you 0.008 dollars. Another interesting feature is the ability to connect third-party VoIP.

  • Pros: integration with the phone book and call log, competitive rates, many advanced features not only supports smartphones and PCs, but also regular phones with Java.
  • Cons: Not found.


Not bad “dialer” by Russian developers. It has all the same as that of the main competitors – no more, no less. The application integrates with the phone book and calls log to make it easier to make the call. Upon registration, each user enlisted 10 rubles, which will suffice, for example, 5 and a half minutes of conversation with China. Also, it should be noted thoughtful and convenient interface.

  • Pros: nice user interface, a cash bonus for signing up, a Russian developer.
  • Cons: a small level of popularity.

All you have to do – it’s download free one of these programs, go through short registration and start using!

Calls abroad from your PC or laptop

Call to foreign countries from your PC or laptop allows IP-telephony technology and special software, which you need to download and install. Also, you should work using a connected headset. Such conversations will be free if they take place in the framework of the program. For direct calls to a landline or mobile number, there are special tariff plans available. This software, there are many. In most cases, the choice is dependent on the destination country, as in a variety of services can be quite different prices for a specific “direction”. It is only logical that you need to choose the cheapest option.

And is there any solution for home phone?

Yes, it can also be. About advantages here, of course, it is difficult to say, but you can try to pay a little less than the others. Almost all fixed phones, there are discounts for night-time and weekends. In other words, the conversation on Saturday night will cost you less than on Wednesday afternoon. Besides, you can make IP landline phone. Typically consumers need an adapter that will connect their phone line to an Internet modem. There are also phones designed specifically for VoIP use. Also, you will need an Internet connection, typically a broadband connection.


As many of you have realized the best option for international calls is communication through special programs for phones, tablets, computers, nd laptops. Telephone versions have a significant advantage only in the mobility and portability. However, if you need to call on a regular basis and a lot, we recommend analyzing the current tariff plans of all services to choose for themselves the best.

Nowadays communication becomes global and there a challenge to satisfy the needs of people for affordable and good quality connections. Let’s see what are the options for the communication on international level nowadays.