Any events taking place in the world are reflected in business. Elections, wars, crises, and … bankruptcy. Only companies with a good safety margin have a chance to survive. Those who managed to reduce their costs and significantly increase their income. What is needed for this? For example, the introduction of the latest technologies. In this article, we will understand what IoT technologies (Internet of Things) are, how they help solve business problems, and in what areas it is possible.

High-speed trains, which themselves transmit information about the condition of the trains and give recommendations for maintenance. Smart tractors that know how to plant and where to plant. Super-organic farms with 530 times higher yield than conventional farms. It turns out that we already live in such a reality, and it is even more fantastic than it seems. All this is the result of the use of IoT technologies.

IoT – what is it?

IoT is the Internet of Things, the network that connects all objects around us. Iron, car, refrigerator, bus – all these things “communicate” with each other. At the same time, a person does not participate in this communication, he only sets a goal, but does not program how to achieve it. The task of the Internet of Things system is to make human life comfortable. It does not need programs, it analyzes and predicts user actions by itself.

For example, you are driving home in your car. The car tells the house: the owner will arrive in 30 minutes, they say, come on, get ready. The house turns on heating or air conditioning to create a comfortable temperature, instructs the oven to cook dinner, and the coffee maker to make coffee. A minute before your arrival, the lights and the TV are turned on, where your favorite show already begins.
A refrigerator that orders food itself via the Internet is already a reality.

How does it work?

At the head of all this is the device. It monitors the devices in the home and collects information. This is IoT – smart home. The devices are interconnected and form a single system that helps a person, wherever he is. This is already a smart city. As you can see, the Internet of Things is much more than just a “smart” refrigerator that orders food from the store itself.

The Internet of Things is based on the technology of machine-to-machine communication (M2M). This is when machines use mobile networks to exchange information with each other or transmit it unilaterally. M2M technology is used in health and safety systems, in manufacturing, housing and communal services, energy, and banking systems.

IoT brings these things together into a single system

The industrial Internet of Things system is similarly structured. This system includes:

  • Sensors, encoders, and readers. They collect, verify, analyze, and send information.
  • Mobile communication, Wi-Fi.
  • Special platforms that control applications, devices, and analyze data.
  • Programs and mobile applications. They process information, create predictive models, and control devices.
  • Security control. A key component that is responsible for the safety of all processes.

So far, IoT technologies are not being implemented as quickly as we would like. But it is already clear that the future belongs to such technologies. And for some cities, this future has already arrived.

How the Industrial Internet of Things Will Change Business
IoT in the industry?

The introduction of IoT in factories and plants will reduce the number of personnel, maximize the use of resources and increase income several times. For example, with their help in the plant, you can correctly distribute orders and load existing equipment to 100%, avoiding downtime.

The Industrial Internet of Things has huge potential. The introduction of this technology allows you to save on equipment maintenance and repairs. Traditionally, repairs are carried out on the basis of the “broken – repaired” principle. The master does not always notice minor breakdowns, as a result of which the mechanism may fail for a long time. As a result, downtime and expensive repairs. The use of special sensors will provide up-to-date data on the condition of the equipment and prevent breakdowns. This also includes accounting for warehouse balances. Now people are involved in this segment, and where people are, there are mistakes and inaccuracies.

How IoT technologies help businesses grow?

IoT helps to understand customers and thereby improve service. For example, Rolls Royce receives data on how airlines are using its engines. Samsung also receives user data from its gadgets. She uses them to improve her products. So far, this is only the beginning, but in the future, any business will be able to better understand its customers.

The IoT creates new value for the consumer. A company that uses new technologies offers a qualitatively different product. For example, John Deere produces unmanned tractors for agriculture. In addition, his machinery is equipped with sensor sensors that monitor the condition of the soil. The necessary fertilizers are applied in the required amount. There are only a few such offers on the market, and they use