Technology has impacted our lives in many different ways. New technologies making their way into our lives have significantly changed the way we live our lives and increased our dependency on them manifold. Amongst all other technologies, the internet is one of the biggest finds ever. There are many spheres of life in which internet has played a pivotal role in for the human beings. Take the example of how fast the marketing strategies have changed. Internet marketing has taken the world of marketing by storm and business people across the world prefer to use online marketing instead of the brick and mortar marketing model. Apart from all these things, the internet has also changed our lives in a big way through one other technology called the VoIP or the voice over internet protocol technology. This technology enables you to use the phone over the internet. Use a high-quality VoIP Phone and you will be able to fully enjoy this service.

Many of the novice VoIP phone users dont know the importance of having a good quality internet phone for taking the maximum advantage. A key feature is that you are able to make a phone call to any place in the world and that too at very cheap call rates. The Internet is not only used for this singular purpose alone, you can use it to browse any kind of websites anywhere in the world. The voice travels in a different way with the VoIP service then how it travels through the landline phone.
Let us have a look at the high value for money service features offered by many leading VoIP providers.

Call log records

This feature provides you complete detail about all the missed, received and made phone calls. You can check the call history to help determine where most of your phone calls are made and save money on your phone bills or to achieve a lot of other tasks using this feature.

Enhanced Voicemail

You will be able to check your voice mail through the internet or even remotely through any other device that is internet accessible.

Voicemail notifications through email

Getting notified is another excellent feature for the internet phone users. Once this feature is activated, phone users are immediately notified that someone recorded a message for them. This way they can remain on top of all their saved voice messages.

Free user to user in network calls

This excellent feature helps you make free phone calls to people that are using the same internet phone service as yourself. This saves costs for both businesses as well as the home phone users.

BYOD support

BYOD or bring your own device feature allows users switching from one VoIP service to a new one to use the IP equipment that they already have, instead of buying the new one. This feature helps them save the cost that they had to incur while buying new IP equipment.

Softphone support

The softphone is software that works as the front end to make and receive phone calls or to use other phone features through it. A lot of people want to use different software to manage their VoIP phone because of various reasons. With this feature, they are independent in using whichever software package they want to have.