If you are tired of using traditional phone services, then its time for you to say hello to VoIP. Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP phone service is a digital phone, which uses the highspeed internet to enable you to make and receive phone callslong distance or international phone callsat the rate similar to local calls. Internet phone or VoIP phone provides you with an ultimate calling experience with valueadded features such as call waiting, 3way calling, call rejection and the list goes on

Though, sometimes, as indicated by the users, you hear echoing sounds while you are on an internet phone call. Whenever one is attempting to talk to someone using an internet phone or while you are on the call with someone, echo problem is experienced and makes it awfully irritating for both, the caller and receiver. Echo sounds playfully exciting only when you are standing on a cliff and you hear your voice echoing, and seems as if someone at the other side is imitating but when you are on a call, it infuriates a person.

To get rid of Echo in VoIP, here is what you have to do:

Identify the actual sound and the echoing sound. By actual sound, I am referring to your voice that is audible to anyone you indulge in a conversation with, whether in a physical facetoface meeting or while conversing on the phone. Whereas, echo is the sound which is heard by an interruption or delay while you talk in hearing. Those of you who believe that echo occurs owing to some faults in a VoIP phone system are absolutely wrong. The actual problem occurs in the circuits, which as a result causes the external voice to bounce back in the form of echoes or perhaps its owing to poor insulation in your handsets. A hybrid echo occurs when the typical analog 2wire interface comes in contact with a 4wire interface someplace along the traveling route. While an acoustic echo is heard, your microphone or the mouthpiece of your phone is in the vicinity to your headphones or earpiece.To solve this issue, install an external device at the receiving end of your internet call called Echo Cancellation Device or ECAN because this is the place of echo initiation. This device helps in identifying the incoming signal and eradicates an outgoing signal similar to the side tone or your original sound and overlaps it by echo sound. This device helps in easily shifting the original voice from the echoing voice. Although, for your information, there is always to some amount of echo in any phone conversation even if you are using a POTS phone. In the case of VoIP phone services, this is witnessed more, because of its traveling route and also owing to the internet connection you use, which may cause delays due to unstable bandwidth.

We recommend you use a device named Net QoS VoIP unit to supervise your VoIP call quality. The device functions to keep a check on your calls and restrain any echo soon as it occurs by monitoring levels of voice. When they reach high levels or levels where echo becomes susceptible to occur, it suppresses it right there.