mass sms marketing tips

SMS bulk messaging can be utilized by the University in several ways:

  • answers to questions applicants queries
  • notes on the results of the entrance competition, the position in the ranking for admission
  • informing the applicants about enrollment at the University
  • message to student’s parents about the student’s academic achievements for the week
  • telling parents about the important events of the University
  • remind students about the terms to pay fees for the education

Bulk SMS can solve these tasks by such texts:

  • informing applicants about the date and procedure for receiving documents about the specialties, the amount of payment for tuition and other university connected information with help of bulk sms
  • Example: “Apply to Economic faculty starting from 4-th of June. Enrolment from 1-th of August. Committee. Tel.: 125-85-77. “
  • informing the applicants about their ranking in the competition for enrollment in a specific specialty.
  • Example: “Your rating in the contest on a Journalism specialty is 1354. We recommend applying to another department. Admissions Committee. Phone: 125-85-77. “
  • Notification to an applicant about the admission to study at a university in the chosen specialty.
  • Example: “Dear Helen! Congratulations on your enrollment to our biochemistry school faculty! Good luck! Admissions Office. Tel.: 125-85-77.”
  • informing parents about the child’s academic performance in high school (at their request), share performance for a week.
  • Example: “Dear Maria! Over the past week, your son’s performance is the following: Statistics – 4, Analysis – 3, Theory – 5. Details by the phone: 125-35-87. “
  • Inviting parents to university holidays, sports days, festivals, competitions.
  • Example: “Alexander! We will be glad to see you as a member of our “Interweek” from 30-th of April to 4-th of May. Place: University is building front area; time: 12.00 every day. Committee. Tel.: 125-44-66.”
  • remind students about the regular tuition fee, the amount, and timing.
  • Example: “Marina! Payment term for semester fees is the 5-th of November. Please, pay the transfer of cash 2 000$. Details by the phone 125-44-66”.

In universities sending bulk SMS messaging can also be used by libraries, student clubs, associations, students, and graduates, teachers work with students. SMS is a fast and secure way to transmit information to the recipient.

Let’s see what are the most important points to pay attention while advertising the university.

There is the largest university in the city. It carries out research and scientific and educational activities for over ten years. The teaching quality meets international scientific and organizational standards. The university does not cease to grow, and interact with a global network of schools is one of the principal directions of its development. Its primary objectives are research and the dissemination of knowledge. The establishment also tries to maintain the high quality of education and research, to release the generation of responsible citizens who are ready to build a bright future of the country.

Among its graduates, there are students, scientists, employees, and students, united by the desire to maintain high academic standards in their work. All of them strive to understand the objective truth through scientific work. In the lectures, university stuff introduces the modern theories and the results of the latest research to students.

The establishment provides scientific work to all the employees, scientists from other universities for the development of global science. Teachers try to awaken in students a keen interest in their subjects, to help those lagging behind, and support those who have the talent and goes ahead, and students, in turn, help each other to learn the material and provide an example to the freshmen.

University carefully monitors to ensure that it in no way touched by corruption. Students are seeking to study in good faith, except for plagiarism and cheating. Faculty interested in the objective assessment of students’ knowledge and did not accept any form of discrimination.

University does not seek to impose on students an individual academic approach and try to support the free exchange of opinions and ideas. The official policy of the University’s position is neutral, and any talk of politics at the University of impartiality.

On the basis of the university, there is driving school available to any student to get a driver’s license, as well as get valuable experience of the teachers.

Still, if the university is opening new specialties or courses, it should somehow inform students and those who want to get an additional education about that. Here an excellent choice is sending SMS in bulk. There will not be any difficulty in collecting database – as all the applicants while entering the university fill in the questioners and various forms were to leave their phone number.

Bulk SMS will help the school to raise students interest to the studying process, loyalty to that educational establishment and overall entrance rates.