Voice over Internet Protocol is the latest advancement in the fields of telecommunication, bringing various advantages to its users. However, it surely does also have some drawbacks. Some drawbacks of VoIP cannot be bypassed and some that are service provider specific can be bypassed, considering the fact that VoIP does have some drawbacks, it is necessary to consider aspects when selecting a VoIP service provider. The differences between the providers are due to the varying features they offer their clientsWhen you survey the market, you will come across numerous VoIP providers that offer several calling plans at competitive rates. Due to the intense competition, it is difficult to make a decision. However, before shopping for a VoIP service, it is imperative that you set your priorities straight.

The reason that comes to ones mind for selecting a VoIP service is lucrative and the attractive rates offered by VoIP providers. The consumer has to choose between two VoIP services; Free or Monthly Fee. If the sole purpose of your use is to chat with your family and friends then the free service ought to be enough, however, if you intend to make long distance phone calls then it is advised that you select your monthly package that suits your needs. VoIP services on average save around 70% on telephone bills per annum. The rates that are charged by your VoIP provider are flexible, the more calls you are going to make the bigger discount you can ask your VoIP provider. If you are going to call a specific number or specific area code then you can ask free calls to that particular area.

Besides the rate, there are other advantages of Voice over Internet Protocol that are worth mentioning. Value added services that you previously used to pay a hefty amount every month for each service to your traditional landline company, come as standard or cost a minimal amount monthly. These features include Caller ID, Call forwarding, Call conferencing, Voice email, call return, fax capabilities, and call filter. Call filter is a service that allows you to forward certain numbers to other numbers and give a busy ring or a play message for specific numbers. Therefore, there are various options available in the market, but you have to select the one that suits you.

VoIP telephony would have been a familiar if it could only make calls to VoIP numbers; therefore, VoIP services allow you to make calls to regular phone connection. VoIP service providers provide the facility of Local Number Portability, which allows you to utilize your regular phone number. If the majority of your calls are long distance, then it is advised that you get the number of that particular area code to maximize cost savings.

Though the technology is a little complex with a lot at stake, there is constant R&D to improve the quality of the service. In the past few years, surprising advances have been made with crystal clear sound quality, VoIP has established itself in the market. There are a few complaints of buzzing sound during the conversation or calls disconnecting, this is primarily due to the low bandwidth or quality internet connection. Therefore, the service and quality of VoIP depend on the quality of your broadband connection, otherwise, it is a big step forward in the field of communication.