In telecommunications, trends are changing from landline to Internet Phone Service.

For all those who want to get benefitted by internet phone service, just need a high-speed internet connection i.e. a DSL or a broadband and the rest of the work is done by the providers of internet phone service. The installation process is very quick and not at all time-consuming. In fact, it just takes five to ten minutes mostly. You just need to call the provider that you choose for getting the connection and they either bring or send a broadband phone adapter (BPA) at your doorstep. The function of broadband phone adapter is just like a modem and it is plugged directly into the modem/router of the broadband or a DSL. After that, the phone line of the telephone set is plugged into the adapter too and the connection gets completed. Finally, just by following three steps you are ready to make the most pleasurable call time in your life which you had never experienced before.

Most of the people are confused and puzzled about this technology at times because they have heard a common misperception about it that it only works with a computer. It is true but not for making the calls. The calls can be made even if a person who wants to have internet phone service has a computer or not. It works with a telephone alone also.

Now comes the turn of the question of the price of internet phone service which is a very important aspect of considering a purchase of a new product and service by each and every individual. The good news is that internet phone service has a very nominal price and it is almost similar to what anyone pays for the traditional telephone service.

Normally the lump sum charges of a landline telephone connection are between $20 and $30 a month and it does include attractive features. Moreover, if someone wants to have other services like voicemail, 3way calling, call forwarding and waiting etc then he/she has to pay more. In fact, these charges do not even include the charges for long distance calls. Due to all these charges and various other minor charges, an individual has to pay at least $50 a month which is quite a lot. Adding more to this cost, if someone is annoyed with telemarketing calls and other such issues of this sort then they have to pay even more and the costs may go up to as much as $70.

The internet phone service has resolved all such issues and has become a blessing for many people. The providers charge only $20-$25 a month and with that, they offer extremely attractive prices and offers. The users can enjoy calls at amazing prices and offers in all over the United States and they can also call their peers in Canada easily. Furthermore, the best part of internet phone service is that it lets its users save $500 a year which is like a cherry on the top of a yummy cake.

Therefore, internet phone service is surely a wizardry technological innovation in todays world which is not just cost effective but time efficient too.