VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol phone is a new way of phoning. This article will look at the early development of the internet phone, problems in telephone and the benefits of VoIP and what is hosted IP telephony.

The earlier form of VoIP that was introduced to the internet users were the regular messenger services provided by many big companies of that time. The voice chat facility that they offered at that time was one shape of internet phone. At that time however it did not gain too much popularity. There were many problems associated with it which could not be resolved at that time. The first problem faced was the lack of infrastructure needed to support that service. Everyone had to have a PC or personal computer to chat or talk. Internet availability was also a major issue at that time. There were many parts of the world where there was no internet available. Even when there was internet, the speed of internet was not that fast to carry voice data without disrupting. These were just few of the problems that discouraged widespread the use of the internet for voice chatting.

The development in the internet phone industry kept on moving as new technologies made their way. Internet started spreading to different parts of the world and the availability issue was permanently resolved. Once the fiber optic was spread all over the globe, the problem of the internet speed had also been fairly dealt with. Next came the free VoIP service VS the development in the dedicated VoIP phone service. Many of the earlier attempts of providing dedicated internet phone service were failed due to a lot of different reasons. People kept using the free VoIP service but then again, this service had its own limitations. You had to have the same software installed on PCs at both the ends. Secondly, you also had to keep your PC on all the time. Third, this free service was not able to call on cell phones and landline numbers, which further limited the use of this service.

Once all the problems related to dedicated broadband phone service had been resolved it came out roaring ahead of the telephone. It is that phone service which now people are rapidly adopting. Let us see how it is way better than telephone.

The first problem with telephone was its expensiveness. Making calls with telephone have always been very costly. Businesses as well as individuals had no other option but to use telephone. Now they have a better technology to rely on. Internet phone saves enormously on national as well as international calls.

Secondly, most of the service features that internet phone offers are usually bundled with the calling plan that you opt for. You rarely have to pay anything extra to acquire these features which results in further savings and more utility from your phone service.

Lastly the number of call plans that you are made available with in case of internet phone are much more than you could ever enjoy with the telephone which is also a definitely plus.