Long gone are those days when letters were written to a person living far away when it took days to go visit a person living at a distance of 200 km, when people waited for ages to hear from their loved ones and when trading at an international level was more of a fantasy. It is a known fact that necessity is the mother of all inventions. As time passed and technology progressed people bid farewell to the old ways and adopted the methods that brought them into the complex technological world of today. Today whatever we see around us is an evolved version of what we would have witnessed a decade or a century ago. Communication has evolved through many stages. Like the new born bird learning to fly communication has grown to a mature level but has yet to spread its wings, learn to fly and experience further growth.

The world of today is known as the global village where the advanced technology has shortened distances and brought people together. Internet Phone Service is the heart and soul of this global integration. Public switched telephone network (PSTN) or the traditional phone system is now at a declining stage as internet and communication through it is introduced. Not only can emails and messages be sent but now voice conversations are held hence the term INTERNET PHONE SERVICE. What makes it better is its cost effective nature. Imagine having crystal clear conversations with a person millions of miles away at the lowest cost possible.

One way such voice conversations are done is through VoIP (Voice over internet protocol). VoIP is perhaps the greatest agent helping to lower costs of making long distance calls or international calls. Not only does it give the basic feature of calling but enhances it and makes the experience better by providing features like conference calling, automatic redial etc for which traditional methods would charge high amounts. All you need is your own PC (personal computer) and a good internet connection whether it is a dial up or a DSL service. Internet Phone Services are very easy to use with simple settings and very beneficial indeed.

Apart from VoIP, there is innumerable software available that also provide Internet Phone Services charging a minimal price. Popular software is Skype and Window Live Messenger that allows video conferencing as well. Mostly used by business people who need to share ideas as well as other information that requires body language to ensure proper understanding. Skype has progressed to the point where it is even possible to download the software in phones and use it even if you are on the move. Not only this, now there are many VoIP service providers’ websites as well that market and attract customers by giving them an opportunity to avail the fruitful and remunerative packages. These websites also provide help to those seeking it 24 hours to solve all the problems that may arise. This Internet Phone Service industry is growing immensely reaping high profits.

Such growth has led to packages being available to consumers at the lowest prices that traditional ways could never match or compete with. Apart from this software, there are many Internet Phone Service providers that are very well known in the industry for superior quality service. The Internet Phone Service industry is confusing for a new entrant willing to avail this service so to guide them.